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Arizona Conservation Corps


Archive 2018

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    Rainstorms in the Desert

    Blog Entries

    September 4, 2018 Corpsmember Brandis Johnson writes about a week of trailwork in Saguaro National Park.

  • 331 Elk

    Working in the Canyon They Call Grand

    Blog Entries

    July 25, 2018 Corpsmember Carlos Dominguez writes about one of his crews last project weeks in Grand Canyon National Park.

  • Img950368 Preview

    Heart Of The Matter

    June 19, 2018 Check out this article from the Desert Leaf, including an interview with Recruitment Coordinator, Tyler Groff, and current Corpsmember, Hunter Winterbourne.

    Source: The Desert Leaf

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    North Rim Adventures

    Blog Entries

    June 14, 2018 Corpsmember Allison Lincoln writes about her crew's first hitch on the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. 

  • Michael Portrait

    Why I Love What I Do

    Blog Entries

    June 6, 2018 Corpsmember Michael Frogner writes about his experience with AZCC, and why he loves what he does!

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    Conservation Interns Spend Spring Break Getting Back to Nature

    April 6, 2018 Check out this article about a project where AZCC joined forces with  National Forest ServiceNational Forest FoundationArizona-Sonora Desert MuseumPima County Joint Technical Education District (JTED)and Pima Youth Career Connect project to engage 11 Sunnyside High School students in conservation projects. 

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  • Arizona Trails 220X220

    KXCI Arizona Trails Interview with AZCC

    April 3, 2018 AZCC Staff and Crew Leaders are interviewed on KXCI show Arizona Trails with Eb Eberline.

    Source: KXCI

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    Fifth Hitch on the Gila

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    March 9, 2018 Corpsmember Riley Bates talks about working with the Gila Watershed Partnership, and getting a chance to interact with the local community at the  Eastern Arizona College Discovery Park.

    Source: Corpsmember Blog: Riley Bates

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    5 Reasons Why You Should Join Arizona Conservation Corps Today

    February 28, 2018 | Corpsmember Hunter Winterbourne shares his top 5 reasons why you should consider joining Arizona Conservation Corps

    Source: Hunter Winterbourne

  • Lance T Corpsmember of the Year Photo

    Lance Tubinaghtewa's Corpsmember of the Year Speech

    February 26, 2018 | Check out AZCC's Lance Tubinaghtewa's Corpemember of the Year speech from the annual Corps Network Conference in Washington D.C.

    Source: The Corps Network

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