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Arizona Conservation Corps

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Join Arizona Conservation Corps!

Exciting, challenging, rewarding—there is no one word to describe participating in an Arizona Conservation Corps program. You’ll learn, but it will probably take sweat. You’ll complete great service projects, but it won’t always be easy. You’ll meet some great people, but you won’t always see eye-to-eye. It’s about learning, working hard for the environment and our communities, and giving something back. We’re glad you’re interested in joining us!


AZCC seeks applicants who are interested in fully committing to the program, who are willing to overcome any challenges and those who will take advantage of the opportunities, skills and trainings that are offered throughout their term of service. AZCC wants those who will benefit from and contribute the most to the program; previous experience is not required for most positions.



Recruiter Contacts

Crew Type Location Staff Email Phone Number
Field, Youth, and Ancestral Lands, and Veterans Crews Flagstaff & White Mountains Krysta Best 928.814.9668
Field, Youth, and Ancestral Lands, and Veterans Crews Flagstaff & White Mountains Jo Sorrentino 928.522.4280
Field, Local, Ancestral Lands, and Veterans Crews Tucson Danielle Wess 520.275.0583
Field, Local, Ancestral Lands, and Veterans Crews Tucson Julia Schaller 520.526.4958
Field, Local, Youth, Ancestral Lands, and Veterans Crews Greater Arizona Kayla Gundrum 928.310.6011
Individual Placements Greater Arizona Preston Sands 520.235.6395
Individual Placements Greater Arizona Marissa Strong 520.330.1888
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Who we serve

Arizona Conservation Corps emphasizes the recruitment and engagement of diverse teams and individuals who learn from each other and their projects in a supportive environment. In selecting participants, Arizona Conservation Corps encourages all types of diversity including, but not limited to; race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, social-economic, and disability.

Arizona Conservation Corps also emphasizes the engagement of local individuals who represent the communities in which they serve. Arizona Conservation Corps intentionally searches for funding sources and program options to support the goal of offering experiences to a wide range of participants.