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Arizona Conservation Corps

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Statewide Staff

Photo of Russ Dickerson

Russ Dickerson

Operations Director

Photo of Lee Gault

Lee Gault

Corps Director

Photo of Kayla Gundrum

Kayla Gundrum

Recruitment and Member Support Director

Photo of Afton  McKusick

Afton McKusick

Projects and Partnership Director

Photo of Celia Sanchez

Celia Sanchez

Administrative Director

Photo of Marissa Strong

Marissa Strong

Individual Placement Program Director

Flagstaff Office

Photo of Steven Gang

Steven Gang

Field Supervisor

Photo of Joe Hamill

Joe Hamill

AmeriCorps VISTA

Photo of Nate Peters

Nate Peters

Program Manager

Photo of Jo Sorrentino

Jo Sorrentino

Recruitment and Member Support Coordinator

Photo of Emily Storjohann

Emily Storjohann

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Jessica Wheeler

Jessica Wheeler

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Joseph Zelman

Joseph Zelman

Logistics Coordinator

Tucson Office

Photo of David Bennett

David Bennett

Individual Placement Program Support Coordinator

Photo of Sierra Bingham-Ruhl

Sierra Bingham-Ruhl

Field Program Coordinator

Photo of Jannell Duel

Jannell Duel

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Joshua Kerl

Joshua Kerl

Field Supervisor

Photo of DeeAnn Oldsen

DeeAnn Oldsen

Logistics Coordinator

Photo of James Pitts

James Pitts

Field Program Manager

Photo of Preston Sands

Preston Sands

Individual Placement Program Coordinator

Photo of Julia Schaller

Julia Schaller

Recruitment and Member Support Coordinator

Photo of Danielle Wess

Danielle Wess

Recruitment and Member Support Coordinator

White Mountains Office

Photo of Shonto Greyeyes

Shonto Greyeyes

Program Coordinator

Photo of Red Thunder

Red Thunder

Field Supervisor

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