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Arizona Conservation Corps

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Statewide Staff

Photo of Kamillia Hoban

Kamillia Hoban

Corps Director

(520) 904-3289
Photo of Hayden Prouty

Hayden Prouty

Individual Placements Program Director

(480) 431-6324
Photo of Celia Sanchez

Celia Sanchez

Administrative Director

(520) 884-5550 ext 8
Photo of Lee Gault

Lee Gault

Director of Partnership Development

(928) 864-6355
Photo of B. Nieves  Vázquez

B. Nieves Vázquez

Recruitment Coordinator

(928) 522-4280
Photo of Edythe Guice

Edythe Guice

Individual Placement Member Support Coordinator

(928) 310-8055
Photo of Cathy Roberts

Cathy Roberts

Enrollment Specialist

(928) 310-6011
Photo of Preston Sands

Preston Sands

Individual Placement Program Coordinator

(520) 235-6395

Flagstaff Office

Photo of Jessica Wheeler

Jessica Wheeler

Administrative Assistant II

(928) 853-7760
Photo of Laurel  Ellis

Laurel Ellis

Program Director

(928) 940-9568
Photo of Mac  Jacobs

Mac Jacobs

Saw Program Coordinator

Photo of Alycia Skarzinski

Alycia Skarzinski

Program Coordinator

(928) 326-1580
Photo of Nicholas Withrow

Nicholas Withrow

Logistics Coordinator

(928) 310-6419
Photo of Ari Abrams

Ari Abrams

Recruitment Coordinator

(928) 607-9250

Tucson Office

Photo of James Pitts

James Pitts

Interim Senior Program Director

(520) 668-7652
Photo of Emanuel  Arnautovic

Emanuel Arnautovic

Logistics Coordinator

(520) 330-1888
Photo of Marci Caballero-Reynolds

Marci Caballero-Reynolds

Program Coordinator

(520) 330-1888
Photo of Ivan Castillo

Ivan Castillo

Field Technician

Photo of Phoebe Gonzalez

Phoebe Gonzalez

Administrative Assistant

(520) 884-5550 ext 0
Photo of Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller

Interim Program Manager

(520) 771-2347
Photo of Jenna Rabe

Jenna Rabe

Program Coordinator

(520) 412-1572
Photo of Jackson Beer

Jackson Beer

Field Technician