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Arizona Conservation Corps

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Statewide Staff

Photo of Kamillia Hoban

Kamillia Hoban

Corps Director

(520) 904-3289
Photo of Afton  McKusick

Afton McKusick

Deputy Director

Photo of Hayden Prouty

Hayden Prouty

Individual Placements Program Director

(480) 431-6324
Photo of Celia Sanchez

Celia Sanchez

Administrative Director

(520) 884-5550 ext 8
Photo of Lee Gault

Lee Gault

Director of Partnership Development

Photo of Marci Caballero-Reynolds

Marci Caballero-Reynolds

Senior Manager of Recruitment and Member Support

(520) 526-4958
Photo of B. Nieves  Vázquez

B. Nieves Vázquez

Recruitment Coordinator

Photo of Edythe Guice

Edythe Guice

Individual Placement Member Support Coordinator

(928) 310-8055
Photo of Preston Sands

Preston Sands

Individual Placement Program Coordinator


Flagstaff Office

Photo of Bryan Moss

Bryan Moss

Program Director

Photo of Jessica Wheeler

Jessica Wheeler

Administrative Assistant II

Photo of Laurel  Ellis

Laurel Ellis

Program Coordinator

(928) 940-9568
Photo of Alycia Skarzinski

Alycia Skarzinski

Program Coordinator

Tucson Office

Photo of James Pitts

James Pitts

Program Director

Photo of Emanuel  Arnautovic

Emanuel Arnautovic

Logistics Coordinator

(520) 330-1888
Photo of Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller

Program Coordinator

Photo of Ivan Castillo

Ivan Castillo

Field Supervisor

Photo of Phoebe Gonzalez

Phoebe Gonzalez

Administrative Assistant

(520)884-5550 ext 0