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Arizona Conservation Corps

Current Opportunities

Current Crew Positions

Please see the table below for open positions with Arizona Conservation Corps. Click the 'Apply Here' link for more information and instructions to apply. For more information about programs, please see individual program pages. If there are no open positions for a particular program or position, please check back soon! 

See all Conservation Legacy program position openings here.

Position TitleDescriptionLocationDatesApplication
Grand Canyon •  Ancestral  Lands  Field Crew MemberAncestral Lands programs select Native background young adults to complete conservation work projects at the Grand Canyon NP. Flagstaff,AZSeptember 17th to Mid MarchApply Here
Escalante Backcountry Saw • 
Crew Member  
Backcountry Invasive species removal in the Escalante watershed.Flagstaff,AZSeptember 17th to Mid MarchApply Here
Verde Valley Saw • 
Crew Member 
Will work on public and private lands to control four target invasive species.
Flagstaff,AZSeptember 17th to Mid MarchApply Here
Flagstaff Area National Monument Field Crew • 
Ancestral Lands • 
Crew Member
Come work on conservation and archaeological service projects at the Flagstaff Area National Monuments this summer!  Ancestral Lands programs select Native background young adults.Flagstaff, AZMay 21st to Aug 16th 2019Apply Here
Veterans Fire Corps  Crew MemberThe VFC provides training & on-the-job experience for post 9-11 era veterans interested in entering into careers and gaining experience in natural resource management & wild land fire.Pinetop-Lakeside, AZMay 21st to  Nov 8th 2019Apply Here
Youth Conservation Corps  Local Crew Member17 and 18 year olds working on local conservation projects Flagstaff, AZJune 3rd-July 26thApply Here
Grand Canyon • Field Crew MemberCamp & work on conservation service projects at the Grand Canyon NP.Flagstaff, AZMay 21st to Nov 8th  2019Apply Here
Grand Canyon •  Ancestral  Lands  Field Crew MemberAncestral Lands programs select Native background young adults to complete conservation work projects at the Grand Canyon NP. Flagstaff, AZMay 16th to Aug 21st 2019Apply Here
White Mountains • Crew MemberWork on conservation service projects across Arizona.Pinetop-Lakeside, AZMid May to Late September 2019Apply Here
White Mountains • Crew MemberApache - Sitgreaves Rare & Invasive Plant Species survey projects.  Pinetop-Lakeside, AZMid May to Late August 2019Apply Here
Crew Member  Permanent Vacancy  • TucsonBe considered for ongoing openings.Tucson, AZRollingApply Here
Crew Member • Permanent Vacancy • FlagstaffBe considered for ongoing openings.Flagstaff, AZRollingApply Here
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Interested in our Individual Placement program?

Find current IP openings listed here.


Arizona Conservation Corps emphasizes the recruitment and engagement of diverse teams and individuals who learn from each other and their projects in a supportive environment. In selecting participants, Arizona Conservation Corps encourages all types of diversity including, but not limited to; race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, social-economic, and disability.

Arizona Conservation Corps also emphasizes the engagement of local individuals who represent the communities in which they serve. Arizona Conservation Corps intentionally searches for funding sources and program options to support the goal of offering experiences to a wide range of participants.

Recruiter Contacts

Crew Type Location Staff Email Phone
Field Crews, Youth Crews, and Veteran Crews Flagstaff Emma Nehan 928.814.9668
Field Crews, Local Crews, and Veteran Crews Tucson Amber Wong 520.526.4958
Individual Placements Greater Arizona Preston Sands 520.235.6395