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Arizona Conservation Corps


Why I Love What I Do


Are you familiar with the saying if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life? Welcome to Arizona Conservation Corps. The reason I love what I do is being able to enjoy the simple things in life. Being able to wake up and see the beautiful sunrise of a new day and look forward to a meaningful day of work. Each day is filled with a new adventure and a new learning experience. My favorite part is being able to immerse myself in a new area that I have not been to. Camping and working in an area for eight days really allows you to learn about the area you working in and allows you to see the impact of your conservation efforts. Not only do you get to learn about the project you are working and the different conservation methods but you also get to learn about the culture and history of that area. 


This week at Lake Havasu we removed Salt Cedar trees that are invasive to the area. Salt Cedar uses a lot of water which does not allow the native plants to get the water they need. By removing the Salt Cedar and other invasive species we helped with water conservation and allowing native plants to flourish. After removing the plants we loaded them onto the Bureau of Land Management boat and took rides to secluded coves to unload the plants into the water to create new fish habitats. The past three years Lake Havasu has broken records for sport fishing. While we were unloading we spoke with two fishermen who said as fast as the plants sink the fish are moving in. They thanked us and were very grateful for our efforts. I am grateful to be part of an amazing organization. Thanks to the Arizona Conservation Corps I have had countless learning experiences and have been opened up to new career paths. I plan on joining a Veterans fire crew for another term of service. The Arizona Conservation Corps has changed my life and I look forward to continuing to do fun impactful work. If you are interested in getting into conservation work and want to open up so many career paths I highly recommend the Arizona Conservation Corps.


Michael Frogner